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TOUGH CHOICES Weekly Program 2019 DRAFT.

The Tough Choices program is a 1 month (4 week) program held 2-3 times a year.

In 2024, these will be held in March and October, starting on the first Monday of the month and running for 4 weeks.

The first week is a 1½ hour session starting at 6:00pm, covering the introductory theory as well as a 1 hour practical session, where you will manage your first TOUGH Choices Challenge. 

Each of the following three weeks is a one hour practical session starting at 6:30pm ending in a TOUGH CHOICES Challenge.

There are NO prerequisites for this training other than you are able to stand and move around, and are in general good health. This training is suitable for everybody, and while it was designed and developed by Australia's Special Forces, you don't need to be a fit soldier to do the training. Note: as the training includes some serious adult concepts we only accept children from 13 years and up.

You need to wear loose comfortable clothing. Recommend cargo pants or tracksuit trousers, but shorts are ok, and a T Shirt is fine. Suggest you wear runners to the course, but we will be training in bare feet at times. You should bring a notepad and pen, but all other equipment is provided.


Weekly Program

The Tough Choices Weekly program includes the following components:

Week 1 - 18:00 start - Introduction, Principles & Combative Mindset

  • Introduction to the TOUGH CHOICES Program & Kinetic Fighting

  • The Protective Continuum - SCREAM

  • DRILL - Reaction Time

  • Developing a Combat Mindset

  • DRILL - Fighting Crouch and Wedge

  • TOUGH CHOICE: Will to Survive Drill

Week 1 (Continued) - 18:30 start - KEF Principles & Drills

  • Introduce the Kinetic Fighting Principles

  • Maintain Your Balance - DRILL - Wedge to IHB Strike

  • Break the Opponent's Balance - DRILL - Head Steer with Strikes

  • Maintain Movement - DRILL - Three Strike Blitz

  • Make Use of Any Available Weapon - DRILL - Wall Domination

  • Control the Head/Dominate the Throat

Week 2 - 18:30 start - Survive Strikes & Intro Edged Weapon Defence

  • Shield & Strike

  • Slip & Strike

  • Suspect Weapon - Suppress & Strike

  • IA Drills with Followups - Palm, Elbow, Knee

  • Kinetic Knife Disarm - Demonstrate & Drill

  • TOUGH CHOICE: Survive the Initial Encounter Drill

Week 3 - 18:30 start - Survive Grapple, Chokes & Strangles

  • Grip Releases

  • Choke Release

  • Strangle Release

  • Two-handed Holds

  • Variation Holds

  • TOUGH CHOICE: Get out of the Hold Drill

Week 4 - 18:30 start - Survive on the Ground

  • Going to Ground

  • Fending & Getting to your Feet
  • High Cross Domination
  • DRILL: Hold - Bump - Frame
  • TOUGH CHOICE: Get to your Feet Drill
  • Demonstrate Tactical Pairs & Weapon Disarm
  • Augment into Continuation Training/KEF Courses
  • Q&A - Administration & Signups

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