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Announcing the TOUGH CHOICES Initiative

Starting in June 2019, the TOUGH CHOICES initiative will commence in Redland City in Queensland. A program sponsored by the Kodomon Foundation, Kinetic Fighting, and the Redland City Council, addresses the provision of free Self Defence Courses for the Redlands Community to assist people who are at greater risk of violence. This includes:

* Domestic Violence Survivors

* Occupational "At-Risk" Workers

* Hospital Workers

* Ambulance Officers & Paramedics

* Mobile Workers (Delivery Drivers, Real Estate Agents, Mobile Lenders etc.)

* Police Officers

* Social/DV Workers

The courses run for a month on Saturday mornings at the Alexandra Hills Community Hall on Windemere Road.

People who are interested in attending or know someone who could benefit from this training can direct them to the Chief Instructor, Glenn Irvine on 0405 010 999 or at

Details of the Program are available on the website at:

If you want to register for the next available TOUGH CHOICES Program, register here:

TOUGH CHOICES Free Self Defence Community Training

Sponsored by:

The Kodomon Foundation

The Kodomon Foundation is a Community focused Not-for-Profit organisation that was raised by the members of the Kodomon Martial Arts Club and Founded by the Chief Instructor, Glenn Irvine, a 6th Dan Traditional Karate Practitioner of over 35 years, and the Civilian Programs Director of Kinetic Fighting in Australia. The Kodomon Foundation sponsors programs that:

* Assists the Community with Self Defence Programs and Courses

* Promotes Initiatives that addresses Domestic Violence

* Sponsors the Values and Benefits of Traditional Martial Arts

* Sponsors Traditional Martial Arts Seminars.

Kinetic Fighting Integrated Combat (KEF-IC)

Kinetic Fighting (KEF) develops and delivers highly-advanced and customised skills-enhancement programs for the Australian Defence Force, law enforcement and other government agencies. Founded by SGT Paul Cale the Integrated Combat Cell Instructor at the Australian Defence Force's Special Forces Training Centre, Kinetic Fighting is now the Self Defence Program and Martial Art of the Australian Defence Force.

The Kinetic Fighting Integrated Combat (KEF-IC) program is an initiative that extends this training into civilian programs as an outreach program by the Defence Force and to promote the Martial Art aspect of the training. TOUGH CHOICES is one of these programs.

The Redland City Council

The Mayor of the Redland City Council, Karen Williams, is a strong advocate for programs that tackle Domestic Violence, and was an early sponsor of the TOUGH CHOICES Initiative. Karen founded the Diner en Rouge fundraising annual event in the Redlands, which raised awareness and funds for the many programs that address the Domestic Violence problems in the City. We are very grateful for Council's support and promotion of the TOUGH CHOICES Initiative.



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